We recognize your situation or challenge may be unique and requires a significant customized solution.  Through a combination of interviews, data collection and/or needs assessment, we will develop a proposal that outlines a comprehensive action plan to address and resolve your challenge.  Recommendations may include any of the following:

  • Conduct an employee or customer satisfaction survey
  • Administer a 360 assessment of leadership
  • Enhance your new employee/manager orientation and onboarding process
  • Engage leaders in developing a strategic plan or focus
  • Design and develop a customized talent development process
  • Create a comprehensive company-wide initiative to improve the culture

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Strategic Planning ProTreat

Strategic Planning Pro-treat℠

A recent Gallup Poll survey sited U.S. executives consistently spend 39% of their time strategic thinking and planning. Strategic planning challenges leaders to learn from the past and assess current situations to plan for future success. During our pro-treat℠, leaders within an organization participate in an organized process to make decisions on strategies for moving forward and operating pro-actively for future success. To help with the successful implementation of the plan, quarterly reviews are held to discuss progress and results made on achieving the organization’s goals.

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Feedback and Surveys

Customer or Employee Satisfaction Survey Process

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” according to Ken Blanchard. If you ask, your customers they will tell you exactly what they want you to do to best serve, appreciate and retain their loyalty. Typically, at least an annual process, reaching out to your stakeholders is an intentional form of communicating to strengthen your relationship and develop future strategies for improving your workplace culture and growing your business. Inspiring Solutions prides itself with an exceptional response rate of 41% per project.

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Smart Starts for New Employee Orientation

Research has determined the first day of employment for a new employee is a significant emotional experience that contributes to his/her confidence, sense of belonging and overall success in the job. New employees need to feel welcomed, valued and important.

Successful orientation practices focus on the first 90 days of employment, not just the first day of filling out paperwork. Making sure your orientation process is a positive and productive experience is imperative to motivate and retain your employees.

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On Target Performance Feedback

On Target Performance Management

Regardless of the industry or department, we must be sure our employees know what to do and how to do it. They also need feedback on how well they are performing their responsibilities. Communicating effectively, coaching an employee who is off-track, appraising an employee’s performance, and terminating an employee are not easy tasks. They call for judgment, tact, and skill.

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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

On-the-job training. Whether you are a full-time, part-time, or occasional trainer, the techniques you use to prepare and deliver the training makes a big impact on how much is actually learned by your participants. This program provides practical tools and techniques for “trainers” to use before, during, and after a learning experience.

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Hospital of Choice

Hospital of Choice Initiative ™

Building a world-class service culture is the only way to own the powerful competitive advantage you need in today’s healthcare marketplace. A crucial measure of your hospital’s patient satisfaction standing — and your bottom line — is measured by improved HCAHPS scores. Improving those scores and making you a Hospital of Choice is our mission. Becoming a Hospital of Choice is not easy. Creating a healthcare service culture requires leadership, team effort, and accountability. Through a partnership with Custom Learning Systems, we facilitate an organization-wide process to make significant gains in patient satisfaction, employee empowerment, engagement, and morale.

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Hospital of Choice

Serve Up:
7 Qualities of a Collaborative Culture

Given the interdependency and complexity of health care, it’s no longer enough to just focus on improving the patient experience. Building a collaborative culture is the only way to become and sustain being both a Provider and Employer of Choice. There are many moving parts to such a dynamic, constantly changing culture.

This program is also applicable to non-healthcare organizations.

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