We recognize your situation or challenge may be unique and requires a significant customized solution.  Through a combination of interviews, data collection and/or needs assessment, we will develop a proposal that outlines a comprehensive action plan to address and resolve your challenge.  Recommendations may include any of the following:

  • Conduct an employee or customer satisfaction survey
  • Administer a 360 assessment of leadership
  • Enhance your new employee/manager orientation and onboarding process
  • Engage leaders in developing a strategic plan or focus
  • Design and develop a customized talent development process
  • Create a comprehensive company-wide initiative to improve the culture

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Serve Up:
7 Qualities of a Collaborative Culture

Given the interdependency and complexity of workplace environment, it’s no longer enough to just focus on improving the customer experience. Building a collaborative culture is the only way to become and sustain cohesive culture. There are many moving parts to such a dynamic, constantly changing culture.

This program is also applicable to healthcare organizations.

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Strategic Planning ProTreat

Strategic Planning Pro-treat℠

A recent Gallup Poll survey sited U.S. executives consistently spend 39% of their time strategic thinking and planning. Strategic planning challenges leaders to learn from the past and assess current situations to plan for future success. During our pro-treat℠, leaders within an organization participate in an organized process to make decisions on strategies for moving forward and operating pro-actively for future success. To help with the successful implementation of the plan, quarterly reviews are held to discuss progress and results made on achieving the organization’s goals.

Download the program description.