Bad Apples™: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes Kit

Bad Apples™: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes Kit


Like the cliché “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch”, one person with a bad attitude can have a negative impact on the entire team or company! Bad Apples™ is a learning experience created by Michele Matt, CSP to help people understand how attitudes impact relationships and provides a process for overcoming attitudes that may be stifling their individual and team performance. Bad Apples™ can help even the bad apples shine!

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Product Description

If you have lazy teammates, cranky customers, bossy bosses or rigid co-workers, then Bad Apples™ is for you! Bad attitudes in the workplace can deteriorate morale, lower productivity, and increase costs.

Learn How To:

  • Recognize and describe the characteristics of a bad attitude.
  • Understand how negativity impacts relationships and performance.
  • Assess a challenging situation and determine your strategy.
  • Utilize a 5-step process for dealing with difficult people.
  • Identify the reason(s) for someone’s poor performance.
  • Develop potential solutions for resolving a problem.

The Bad Apples Training Kit includes:This training program can give supervisors, managers and employees some practical, easy-to-use techniques for eliminating negativity in the workplace.

  • DVD
  • Facilitator Guide (multiple agenda options)
  • Reproducible Participant Materials
  • Reproducible Self-Study Guide

Sold Separately: Best-Selling Book: Attitude: The Choice Is Yours


Video Synopsis:
Through five different workplace scenarios, viewers will learn how to use a 5-step process for dealing with these difficult attitudes:

  • The Boss Who Knows It All…And Then Some!
  • The Customer Who Got Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
  • A Real Team Player…NOT!
  • Change is Not in My Vocabulary
  • The “Whatever” Co-worker

These scenarios, presented in a “What would you do” format, encourage viewers to think about and identify the characteristics of each bad attitude, assess the problem, and determine the appropriate strategy to improve the situation.

Bad Apples™ has won the following awards:

  • Iowa Motion Picture Association – Award of Achievement
  • 22nd Telly Awards – Finalist
  • The Communicator Awards – Honorable Mention

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