DiSC® Preview (Set of 25)

DiSC® Preview (Set of 25)


This four-page, 10-question preview profile gives a quick overview of the DiSC behavioral model and provides limited insight into behavioral styles and personality types. The back cover has directed discussion questions for use in a group setting.

Uses: Short presentations, entertainment, introduction to DiSC®.  Ideal for “lunch-and-learns” and other general audiences, this preview is the perfect way to present DiSC as a practical and useful approach to understanding behavior. This profile is designed to expose users to DiSC.

Product Description

A unique, user-friendly introduction to DiSC® that is designed to whet learners appetites for a more multidimensional, in-depth behavioral interpretation.

Learners take the first step on the road to self-discovery by completing a simple response and scoring process. Then, they follow the “map” to their primary behavioral dimension, where they discover a reliable overview of DiSC behavioral characteristics. Finally, they are offered “strategies for success “using DiSC concepts. It’s a fun and informative learning tool designed to whet learners appetites for the multidimensional, in-depth behavioral interpretation available throughout Wiley’s product line.