Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

Everything DiSC® Sales Profile


The Everything DiSC® Sales Profile uses the third-generation of the DiSC® assessment—a research-validated learning model—to create a highly personalized learner experience. The profile is sales-specific with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help salespeople become more effective. Includes access to unlimited follow-up reports.

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61-80 – $89 / profile
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Group Culture Report – Provides a brief overview of what group culture is and why it is important to understand.
Team View Report – Shows each person’s DiSC style.
Facilitator Report – Equips facilitators with data about the diversity of interpersonal styles in the groups they work with.
Comparison Report –  Better understand a co-worker to build a more effective relationship between the two of you.
Facilitator Kit – Provides you with everything you need to deliver memorable training experiences to your clients.
Style Guides –These job aids are a great way to keep conversations and learning about DiSC going after a training.
Personality Styles Mouse Pad – A quick desk reference guide

Product Description


In-depth: Research-validated online assessment with 23-page sales-specific profile that helps salespeople understand themselves, their customers, and their relationships. Easily Customizable: Online tailoring options make it easy to remove or rearrange pages, customize the profile title, or print selected sections.


  • Understanding Your DiSC Style
  • Recognizing and Understanding Customer Buying Styles
  • Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style Participants discover their DiSC sales styles and how to adapt their style to meet the needs of their customers.



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